Saturday, January 8, 2011


It is that time of the, not resolutions, but LISTS! As I have watched TV this last week, I have been bombarded by “lists” from the past year. They consist of best football teams, best sports plays, best news stories, and even best bloopers.
As you reflect back on 2010, I think it would be good to think of the areas in our lives that stood out as excellent and those that were not so excellent. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I would challenge you to look at a couple areas of your life:
1) Obedience – As you look back, is that on the “best” list or the “bloopers”? Am I listening for His instruction, either in the Word or by His Holy Spirit? Have I done as He asks? Elizabeth Elliot said, “He is Master…it is simply up to me to obey orders as given.”
2) Unity – God has been burdening my heart to pray for unity among us all at Anoka Wesleyan Church. When it is my will and not God’s will that I am seeking, conflict will arise and god’s purpose is hindered. Jesus prayed, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know You sent Me.” “Best” or “blooper” list? I think the reasons are two-fold. First, we want our own way. That’s not Christ-like. He said “Not my will, but Thine be done.” Secondly, we are focused on the church and not on the lost. Nothing but love for the lost will unite the divided forces of Christ and organize us into a mighty soul-winning army!
So how does your list look?